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Our services

Our highly qualified management team with at least 15 years of professional experience in petrochemical industry benefit METAPro to take leading position among other suppliers of technical equipment and related services. With the aim at high quality  manufacturers we constantly follow  and analyze the  market supply in order to assure our customers we deliver the best products introducing the latest technologies and know-how into industry process. To stay up-to-date we regularly collect and analyze information from our customers about utility of delivered equipment in time perspective. Being experts in procurement and technical equipment we introduce you our scope of services. 

Procurement Management 

As a complete package service we developed this product as a global procurement managemenet service. Our key responsibilities within this service package are to coordinate sourcing, supply chain, logistics and sometimes establishing consignment stock.

MATAPro  focuses on strategic sourcing understanding of the overall supply chain needs of the project, combined with a ground level analysis of the specific core competencies for the flow of parts and assemblies from prototyping through production volumes.

Constant evaluation and re-evalutaion of the manufacturers and their products and technologies embodies  our procurement management as customized service. 


Strategic sourcing determines what functions are delegated to specific supply chain unit  while sourcing decisions affect both responsiveness and efficiency of a supply chain. Read more about how we provide procurement management here. 

Technical equipment 

METAPro  specializes on supply of technical equipment  utilized in oil&gas, petrochemical, chemical&pharmaceutical industries. Our company typical customer profile is premises processing gases, refineries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other. 

For our customers we select the most appropriate  items of techical equipment meeting all requirements of industrial processes. We provide equipment of high standards certified manufacturers.


METAPro mainly cooperates with European manufacturers. We offer for our customers a range of compressors, pumps, valves, fittings and other auxiliaries like separators, filters, bearings, upload stations etc. 

We guarantee the best payment conditions and delivery terms, we totally cover  project negotiation process and assist in technical communication and approvals.  Detailed information on provided equipment please follow the link

Aftersale services. Technical  support

As soon as equipment was purchased and delivered to the customer  METAPro continues customer technical support during after sales period  in  a frame of technical service agreement.


Before we introduce this service to our customer we carefully develop in cooperation with manufacturer the model of technical support product for end users of equipment. This service usually implies that the range of delivered products is precisely specified by a manufacturer and the number of  end users on target market is exceeding at least 5. 

Technical support product modeling includes many features that first of all cover correct use of equipment,   equipment technical condition testing, maintanance and function controls, in time spare parts exchange etc. Please read more about this service  here. 

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