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Technical equipment

METAPro specializes on supply of technical equipment mainly utilized in oil and gas industry. However we additionallly provide other industrial enterprises like mining, steel processing, petrochemical plants with technical facilities as well as equipment for some pharmaceutical fabrics.  Here below we provide  the range of frequently operating  items:  

Compression equipment


- air compressors (piston, rotary screw, axial, radial)

- gas compressors ( piston, rotary screw, axial, radial, vertical shaft split, horizontal shaft split)

- reciprocating compressors

- centrifugal fans and blowers
- specific material compressors resistant to high content of sulphuretted hydrogen

- nitrogen generators 

- ozone generators
- one stage compressors system
- multistage compressors system

Pumps and and pumping systems


- metering pumps

- diaphragm pumps

- reciprocating positive displacement pumps

- centrifugal pumps

- vacuum pumps

- custom-built applications

Heat treatment  equipment

-  heaters

- heat exchangers

- air pre-heaters

- gas-gas heaters

- heater elements and baskets



- motors&Generators

-  turbines

-  turbocompressors

Air handling equipment


- fans and blowers

- ventilation facility

- air drier

- air cooling facility

- air humidifier

- air filters

Auxiliary equipment


- dust collectors

- separators
- valves

- expansion joints, 

- silencers

- control systems

- fixing and sealing part

We provide equipment either by  single  item or in package according to our clients' needs and challenges of industrial processes. If you haven't found  among listed anything you require for your factory please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expertise will help  to get the best solution for you. 

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